The Rise of the Underdog: Bournemouth and Carpi

We will have new visitors to the top divisions in England and Italy next season following the promotions of Bournemouth and Carpi, both have climbed up from the bottom leagues in dramatic style. While the rise of the Cherries is a great story that of the Biancorossi is even more spectacular, they have to be one of the smallest clubs ever to play in Serie A. Their stadium only holds 4000 and you would be being kind if you said it has seen better days!

The photo below shows just how bad the ground really is! To be in Serie A you are supposed to have over 20,000 so the stars of Juventus will not be enjoying the Sandro Cabassi’s fine amenities!








With Frosinone in pole position to join Carpi in the top division it looks like 2015/16 will be an interesting season in Italy!

Chelsea Champions!!!!

Chelsea won title number 5 today, it was never really in doubt having been top since the first game of the season. Chelsea players have flooded social media with their celebrations, here are some of the best.



Parma celebrate centenary by giving Fiorentina players robot hoovers!

Parma 100 Year Home ShirtItalian Serie A club Parma continued their 100th year celebrations against Fiorentina by presenting the Viola players with…..Robot Vacuum cleaners! This has to be one of the most bizarre football stories of the season. Parma are sponsored by Vorwerk Folleto who make the hoovers. The Fiorentina players looked a bit bemused as the Parma players presented the hoovers at Stadio Ennio Tardini.

This got me thinking, what if other clubs did the same, Chelsea could hand out smart phones and TVs, Arsenal plane tickets and Liverpool…..Dunkin’ Donuts!!!

Watching the video below I noticed the man between the Fiorentina sticks has a great name for a goalkeeper: Neto!

New phone…Nexus 5!

I have upgraded my phone from the Nexus 4 to the Nexus 5, I’ve had my eye on one since it’s release late last year. Carphone Warehouse for some reason cut the price to an amazing £240 (now back up to £284) for the 16gb version, I pretty much ran to my local shop when I found out!  I am really pleased with my new device, the 5″ 1080p screen is fantastic, the rubberised back feels great in the hand and stock Android (4.4.2) is great to use.

Many people have criticised the battery on the Nexus 5, I haven’t had a problem myself, a normal day leaves me with around 30 percent left.

The main reason I upgraded to the Nexus 5 is that Three Mobile have upgraded their network to 4G and offer this to all customers for no additional cost. Coverage is a bit patchy but a good signal results in a 20mb+ speed connection for both downloads and uploads. I wish I could get coverage in my flat as I have to struggle on 6mb broadband over my land line, hopefully this might improve in the future.

I have included one of my favourite You Tube channels Android Authority’s review below.


Who The F*** Are Arctic Monkeys?

The Arctic Monkeys were one of the first bands to become well known via the internet, tracks were uploaded and shared by fans from a free CD the band gave away at gigs.

Now thanks to the internet and Spotify you can listen to their entire catalogue (97 tracks 5h17m), I have created a playlist and you can find it below!

Make sure you check out the Who The F*** Are Arctic Monkeys EP that was released in 2006, it features some great songs!


Beady Eye – BE

So I have had a week, and maybe a little bit more with the new album from the remnants of the mighty Oasis! This is what I think..

The first Beady Eye album was enjoyable, but was very much Oasis rock paint by numbers. This time around Beady Eye have teamed up with producer Dave Sitek who has worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Foals and brings a bit of an avant-garde sound to a few of the tracks.

The album opens with the fantastic Flick of The Finger, I was unsure of this song at first but it has really grown on me and now falls into the category of awesome, and includes lots of horns and even the Fonejacker fellow.

Other personal highlights tracks for me are: Songbird esk Soul Love; slice of Morning Glory that is Im Just Saying featuring singalong backing vocals; striped down Ballroom Figured; perhaps my favourite track on the album Start a New, the last song on the standard edition album featuring arguably, Liam’s finest vocal on the album.

The rest of the album is pretty good but also very recognisable, except from the experimental sounds of Second Bite of the Apple; not that this a bad thing despite what you might read in the music press! Beady Eye are a rock n roll band and every track doesn’t have to sound super fresh, sometimes wonder if the music press would only be happy if the band went out and made a hip hop record!

Rating: 7.5/10

For the proper fans Beady eye have also released a deluxe version of the album, in the old days of proper single releases these tracks would have been the b-sides, but nowadays we get them all in one go! This version is worth getting and includes 4 extra tracks including the song played live in the Summer of 2012 World Not Set in Stone. If you dig around the internet you can also find the additional 2 tracks of the Japanese release, a song about Girls in Uniform and the slightly weaker Evil Eye.

Beady Eye explain the album in their eyes below

New Nike England Away Shirt

The new England away shirt by Nike was revealed today. The new shirt takes England back to the traditional red and includes a gold 3 lions crest and the 150 year logo. I am not a fan of this design, it looks like a cheap polo shirt, the gold badge and rubbish 150 years logo make it look even worse. Surely Nike could have done better then this? I expect we will see new kits within the next 12 months so we won’t have to live with these poor efforts for too long.